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Welcome to Dude Rach Santa Fe, Costa Rica

This is a 1600 acre farm near the towns of Bagaces and Canyas.

It has 600 acres of planted Neem trees... the trees which have seeds which have antibiotic properties. The oil from the seeds, the Neem Oil, is sold in many Boutiques arond the world for its anti-bacterial value as applied to the body. The Neem twigs are also often used to brush teeth. The Neem wood is as good as Mahogony in making expensive furniture. Neem is a miracle tree.

About 400 acres of the farm is a Nature Preserve. Many expensive hardwoods, such as Guanacaste trees, Pochote trees, Cedro trees, Laurel trees, and Cocobolo trees grow on the farm.

There is a fully-equipped wood workshop on the farm, where trained carpenters make custom-made furniture for the expensive homes in the area, two large rivers which flow throuth the length of the farm.

You can swim, and fish in these rivers. There are well maintained picnic areas near the rivers, There are 10 horses, 400 cows, and 200 goats/sheep on the farm. You can ride the horses.

Thus this Farm offers a total farm-living experience: swimming, fishing, horse-back riding, walking trails, driving on paved roads from the house to the river, seeing the cows, goats/sheep, horses, furniture being made, etc. You can stay in the comforts of a country estate. You can relax in the comfort of a very large expansive Gazebo with an outdoor kitchen and outdoor dining.


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